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Tlogg, Making Your Stie Look Cool

tlogg V0.2.9

t-logg is a JS Library that allows a “fake” console to be produced in HTML,


Install Into Your Project

<script src="" ><script>
AVAILABLE SOON (for now the lib will be here: <a href=></a>)

Demo Site

<a href= color=blue></a>

TLOGG Markdown

<t>TEXT</t> This element is used to define text within the console.

<t>TEXT</t> Also has attributes, <t c=(color name OR hex) wms=(wait in milliseconds)>TEXT</t>

<t c=#0096FF wms=120>>TEXT</t> this would produce blue text in the console, and would take 120 milliseconds to appear.

<t hidden>Hidden Text</t>, this type of text wont appear in the console.
<br> will create a new line for the console.


To run the console, run the runTconsole() function. this can be applied to a button/element with onclick="runTconsole()" ### The console output element can be set with the ID of console Ex. <div id="console"></div> ### The console input text/textarea can be set with the ID of tlog Ex. <textarea id="tlog"></textarea> ##### [TEXTAREA ONLY] There is a Autocomplete function that is still in the works, however if youd like to use it, add this attribute to the textarea oninput="autoTFinish(this)" NOTE: You dont need to use a visible text area. just make a hidden text area and put the TLOG Markdown in there. that is if you want to have a pre-set custom console log.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Tlogg? Check out our documentation or contact support and we’ll help you sort it out.